Micropigmentation is an Aesthetic Specialty that is clearly aimed to provide, modify, correct and beautify all facial or body features in a semi-permanent manner. It is done extensively in our cosmetic surgery clinic by highly trained professionals who have immense knowledge and precision in the field of Micropigmentation.

We deliver superior results for all our clients which are there to see for all. Micropigmentation is a technique which imparts pigments to the dermal layer as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup to create eyebrows, eyeliners, upper and lower lips by using high quality nonferrous pigments. All the pigments used in our clinic are safe, non-allergic and approved by FDA.

The Important indication for micropigmentation is Vitiligo or Leucoderma wherein the white skin is always seen as a stigma in the society. While the micropigmentation is planned, the disease has to be stable and not active. As a good alternative to Melanocyte transfer which needs surgery, Micropigmentation is done to correct the hypopigmentation and deliver the skin color with no donor site morbidity. There is no downtime following surgery and the client can get back to their routine life in a day. They need not get admitted for the procedure and they can walk out once the procedure is done. Micropigmentation is done in the scalp as the single and foremost indication to treat patchy baldness and to camouflage the FUT scar in the donor area (Occipital region). Dye color is matched in accordance with the hair colour and all the gaps inbetween the hair follicles are filled in unison. Any scar in the body including scalp can also be camouflaged and covered with natural looking skin color if it has matured.

The scar should not have any infection and it should not be raised above the normal skin level . Approximately around 95% of the existing skin color can be attained as the end result. Eyebrows and eyelashes can be artificially created in patients who have lost them, as a part of the birth disease alopecia totalis, old age, Burns, Post Cancer Chemotherapy etc..,

The size of the upper or lower lip can be increased in size with micropigmentation using natural lip colour pigments. New areola can be created in the patients post cancer surgeries or post burns. The existing areola can also be enhanced or beautified using micropigmentation. The colourant additives used in our cosmetic clinics by our specialist doctors for these permanent makeup pigments are approved by FDA-Golden eye Micropigmentation Germany. The desired color is obtained by mixing the primary dyes in appropriate proposition.

Pigment test is done 24 to 48hrs before the stipulated date to avoid any allergic reactions. The pigment to be applied is first smeared on the model and also on the subject. After the test is passed and required approval is obtained, it is injected directly and permanent makeup is done. Usually, the micropigmentation procedures are done under local anesthesia – smearing of prilox creams with Xylocaine spray(10%). A touchup procedure is to be performed after 1 month, post which the touch up is to be done annually. The procedures are explained in detail and stressed upon to the client. A consent form is generally taken for all practical purposes which explain the procedure side effects and the requirements for touchup procedure. This is mainly done to avoid litigation.

Immediate Results
The results can be seen as soon as the procedure is over. The patient or the client can keep checking and evaluating his/her modified part throughout the procedure. Mostly, the patient is fully conscious and aware about the procedure being done on him/her. The final results will be impressive and will be similar to the look obtained after using topically applied camouflage cream .However, the quality of result also depends upon the pigment value and its mixing, design techniques and the amount of pigment used during the procedure. The results are purposely made a little bit darker in anticipation of the end result which involves sunlight exposure. With exposure to basic sunlight, it will gradually turn lighter and looks like the desired color. As with the process of healing, the outer layer of skin sheds and the skin colour softens with time.

Long-term results
If the right color and quantity of pigment is used, it will remain for a period of 9 to 12 months after which touch up procedure might be needed for the fading of dyes. The amount of time and pigment required for this varies from person to person. There are various methods to improve the overall results of micropigmentation.
Regular use of sunscreen lotion.

Avoid activities that involve staying in the hot sun for a long time, such as gardening, beach activities etc..,

Removal of micropigmentation is very painful and consumes huge amount time. This is one of the primary reasons why micropigmentation is generally avoided in tattoos.

Adverse effects and complications
Even though it is clearly said that the pigments rarely cause allergy when injected, there are chances it might happen. As a safety measure, a patch test is generally done a day or two before the procedure for confirmation. Micropigmentation may also develop complications like hypertrophic scars, keloids, granulomas etc.., Compliance with ‘Standard precautions’ and a uniform code of safe practice should be followed upon for undergoing a successful Micropigmentation.

In our clinic, we always use non-ferrous dyes which do not cause interference during MRI scans. The reasons for change of color after cosmetic tattooing are both complex and varied. Our doctors have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influences the outcome of micropigmentation and utilize it to achieve superior outcomes for all our clients. Most of our patients have very good experience with micropigmentation and they relate all their good luck and career improvements to their increased self-confidence and interpersonal relationships.

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