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Dear Sir,,
Thank you very much for the surgery which has brought lot of confidence in me.
My personality has got a major boost and all my friends envy my appearance.
I would suggest your clinik to all my friends and i am extremely happy with my result.


Mary Angela Rajan's Review

Hi Dr. Raj
Great pleasure that we met with you and got this done with Akash. He is very happy and excited and has come of out his shell which he used to suffer from. Now he is much more happier and wants to become a HERO as per his father’s wish. Hopefully God will permit that. Everything is healing well and I will have Akash call you for all the help that you have done for us in a short span of time.

Thanks once again and wish you all the BEST
Mary Angela Rajan,
VP-Sales & Operations,,

Mr. Abhishek's Review about Hair Transplant

Dear Dr Rajmohan
Greetings from Delhi.I wanted to take time out of my busy schedule to thank you. My surgical procedure Follicular hair transplant went extremely well.The 3-4 months wait after the operation was well worth the results. As promised I now have noticeable distinctive hair growth and distinctive hair line.I Would have done this procedure long time back, didn't know such an operation were available. I Would certainly recommend doing this to anyone considering a Hair Transplant, Enhancement and Cosmetic makeover. Dr. Rajmohan and his associate doctors and staff are highly skilled professionals. My experience was completely positive. My self esteem has increased.. Wish the entire staff good luck in your practice.God bless you.

Thank You,

Ms.Gayathri's Review

Dear Dr Rajmohan,
Thank you very much for the results.
When I first came to you for a consultation, I was very skeptical, afraid and not sure if I ever wanted to have any procedure done on my body. You were so different than all the doctors I had previously consulted and the way you spoke and explained everything to me "made a lot of sense". You are a very intelligent, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon in chennai and you portray that in the way you talk and communicate with your patients, I realized that the day I met you. I can't begin to describe the change you have made in my life, it has been only 6 days since my liposuction but I look better than they ever did. You have put a smile on my face that will last for many years, I feel confident again.
When I first walked into your office I was welcomed by the nicest people. I feel so blessed to have found such professionals this time around. Right from the reception desk, nursing team, health care professionals, Theatre staff anaesthetist all did a great job.You truly make a great team! I will highly recommend you to any person who wants great results the first time around, It is important to research and find a good plastic surgeon, someone like you, knowledgeable and with all those years of experience. Thank you once again for giving me such beautiful results. I will definitely come to you again for any other procedure I might need in the next few years.

Love you all!

VR Rao Vishakapatnam

My experience with Dr. Rajmohan was extremely positive and useful. He was patient, understanding, and quick to react to my concern. He sincerely gives all the options to me and gave me the idea which one to choose from. He truly cares about his profession and those he serves. However, as with anyone considering plastic surgery the results are all that matter. Doing a liposuction has done wonders to my career and I feel rejuvenated. Thanks to his expertise I am living a happier life with the results.

Thank You,
VR Rao

Supriya Mumbai

Dr. Rajmohan was amazing! I went to him the first time for an Liposuction.. Not only was it painless, but the results were more than I could have expected. After this positive result, I decided to get a breast augmentation from Dr. Rajmohan, and that result was even better! Dr. Rajmohan and his office staff in the clinic both know what they are doing, and they do it well with ease and they put us in the comfort zone throughout our stay in the hospital. I would recommend Dr. Rajmohan to all my friends that’s for sure. Thanks you so much.

Thank You,

Aravindan, United States

I had problem about my hair line as my line was receding rapidly. So I decided to visit Dr Rajmohan’s Cosmetic Hair Clinic in Chennai.

Everything from the start was explained thoroughly by the doctor aswell as by the nursing staff. The team work and the skills impressed me. It was thoroughly painless and I didn’t feel the pinch. I listened to my favourite music all the time.

I did the hair transplantation procedure about 2500 follicular grafts in 2012and I am pleased from the result, strongly recommend Dr Rajmohan and his team of doctors to everybody. good service,, Thumbs up!!

Thank You,


Dear Dr. Rajmohan,

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I admit I was abit nervous flying to India for medical services outside of Australia. You made my expereince pleasant and friendly.

Thank you for your golden smile and communication throughout the entire cosmetic process. The benefits are showing and people already commenting on how great I look. I feel more confident to be involved out in the community and able to do things that use to slow me down.

I have no hesitation looking you up again or telling my firends about your services. Anytime you are in Australia, please feel free to look me up.

Yours Kindly
Jarrod S.
Brisbane, Australia


Dear Dr. Rajmohan,

"I am so happy with the results!"

"The treatment was very successful and I am so happy with the results! The competency of you and your team was awe inspiring, and I couldn't have been more lucky that you were the Surgeon. Your sense of humor and professionalism helped ease my anxiety in every way. Thank you for being such an awesome doctor. Your friendly nature gives an ease to call or message you at any point of the clock. I will be certain to continue to recommend Dr. Rajmohan :)"



Dear Doc,

"I came from Sweden to get Breast implant Surgery in India. I have been searching to find the right surgeon in Delhi and chennai. We meet 10 of the best surgeons in India. Last appointment was with Dr Rajmohan. First 5 minutes I found something I need to get it done. Confidence, professionally and Simplicity. I decided to make my operation with Dr Rajmohan in NewHope indian Hospital in Chennai. The surgery went very well .Everything was high standard and Dr Rajmohan has full control about what he is doing. The result was over my expectation. Thank you Dr.Rajmohan!."

Yours Kindly


Dear Doc,

"Before I went to see Dr. Rajmohan I didn't feel comfortable in my skin anymore. After a long research I got his address. Dr Rajmohan recognized my problems immediately and told me what he would recommend. A top and lower lid correction, upper face lifting, own fat in the cheeks. On the day of surgery I was very excited. The surgery went smoothly and after nearly two weeks was almost nothing left to see of the procedure. Dr Rajmohan operates in the way that you look younger but not lifted as naturally.

I'm very well known and nobody suspected an operation. Dr. Rajmohan and his team are highly recommended. I felt very well cared for me from the first moment on. And will next year go back to Dr. Rajmohan to have to make more treatments. I can only say in comparison with European cosmetic surgeons are Dr. Rajmohan's results really very good!"

Thanks Doc..


Dear Doc,

"He did a very professional job"

"I had a tummy tuck and liposuction done by Dr. Rajmohan at Newhope Indian hospital In May 26/14. Before starting I checked surgical suite and found the equipment and cleanliness state of it equalled ours in B.C. Canada where I am a power engineer. After 4 weeks I can see a major change and the suture line for the tummy tuck is hardly noticeable. He did a very professional job and has been 100 percent honest and no extra charges. They even lent me a cell phone for the time I was there to call home, friends and others. Picked up from airport. Dr. Rajmohan kept his word 100 percent and the costs to less than what was agreed to. Even after returning to Canada Dr. Rajmohan called 2 times a day to check on me and how I was doing.

The most positive experience I have had in 40 years. I was 248 lbs going to clinic and returned home to 213 lbs. I can really see the difference 4 weeks later and so can others. And it's still getting better."

Yours Kindly
Ken, Columbia


Dear Doc,

"So thrilled"

"I was so thrilled with the stomach and chest liposuction surgery procedure offered to me by Dr Rajmohan. My recovery was so speedy and everything that Dr Rajmohan told me came to pass exactly as he said it would. No minute of anxiety or no worries whatsoever. Only two weeks since the surgery, I am now comfortably working out my stomach muscles in the gym, again without any sensation or any worries. Thank you Dr Rajmohan. I will be back sometime in the near future to do my thighs and bum."

Yours Kindly
Elgar, London


Dear Doc,

"I am really happy with the result"

"Dr. Rajmohan really knows what he is doing. Upon initial consultation, he explained to me about the condition and also the procedure for the surgery in a very comforting way. On the day of the surgery I was a bit anxious on my way to the hospital but Dr. Rajmohan's calm disposition ensured that I was in safe hands.

I know I am stating the obvious but I didn't realize the passage of time from the moment I entered the operation theatre to the time I got my consciousness back in a quiet air conditioned room. General anaesthesia was administered to me. The surgery and post-op was completely pain free. Nevertheless I was given painkillers & antibiotics and discharged later that same evening.The only discomforting part is the tight compression garment that one has to wear for about 3 weeks post surgery which probably any doctor will have you wear.

Fast forward 5 months - I am really happy with the results and would happily recommend Dr. Rajmohan to any one who is struggling with Gynecomastia."

Thank you so much.
Gautam, India


Dear Doc,

"I am extremely happy with my entire experience"

"I am extremely happy with my entire experience with Dr. Rajmohan; right from the initial consultation to the results of the surgery. I had Grade I Gynaecomastia. The surgery was done effortlessly at my insistence under local anaesthesia and I did not even feel discomfort or pain. Obviously, slight pain after the surgery is unavoidable (as is with ANY surgery). Dr. Rajmohan is very skilful and took immense care of the procedure. The results are remarkable and for the first time, I am so happy to see my flat chest in the mirror. I guess going for a swim or removing my tshirt in public will no longer be embarrassing.

The best thing is that Dr. Rajmohan keeps checking and following-up with you even after the surgery at regular intervals. He is extremely personal with regards to the surgery and explains the entire procedure, risks, side-effects and benefits brilliantly. Along with this, I had also got Dimples done by him, again effortlessly. Being a person who always researches for stuff on Google and YouTube, Dr. Rajmohan never hesistated or refused to answer any questions that I bombarded him with, and his answers were always satisfactory and logical. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rajmohan to anyone thinking of getting a cosmetic enhancement. Oh...and his fees are flexible too:D"

Thank you so much
Jason, Mumbai


Dear Doc,

"Provided great service"

"I was extremely happy with the whole experience. The feedback I received from Dr Rajmohan was great, he was always available to answer all my questions, his confidence made me feel very comfortable and at ease. There was no change in the price quoted before and after surgery. The Newhope hospital staff were very friendly and courteous and provided great service. I was prepared for the worst, but was pleasantly surprised as the whole procedure and recovery process has been painless with little discomfort. Thanks Doc."

Yours Kindly


Dear Doc,

"Marvellous results!"

"I was very much upset with my Gynecomastia, it just shattered my confidence, but then I came across Dr. Rajmohan!!!

I'm a gym addict and I wanted to go shirtless ever since, so I asked Dr. Rajmohan to treat my Gynecomastia also give me 6 packs !!! Trust me friends, he's the best doctor in the business. He completely reshaped my body. Nowadays I wanna go shirtless more often !! He just boosted my confidence and he charged me such a petty amount. The best part was he is so friendly !!! I had undergone this surgery on 5th October. It's just been one and a half month and the results are marvellous!!"

Treatment Received : Gynecomastia

Tummy Tuck

Yours Kindly
Rajeev, India


Dear Doc,

"Amazing experience"

"My name is Zara and I am from Chennai. My experience with Dr. Rajmohan was amazing. I am so lucky that I actually met Dr. Rajmohan . He's one of the finest doctor I have ever met. I wanted to have my nose, tummy tuck and my breast to be done but he suggested me only one surgery at that moment and others later, so I did breast implants with him and had a wonderful experience. It's my 14th day today and I am feeling great. My stitches are excellent and I feel great.

From my above statement you can understand that how Dr. Rajmohan is not a greedy doctor who wants the patients to do everything at a time and just concerned with their money. If he wanted, he could had suggested me to do all the surgeries done, but he is an awesome doctor one should go for. He was so practical, convincing, in fact he is really the best ever Doctor. Besides, his care, the entire team with him, and specially his follow ups made me so feel comfortable. Its not enough to write about Dr. Rajmohan. Thank you Dr. Rajmohan, you made me feel so beautiful and confident like never before. And I hope to see you soon. God bless you. May you always have success time ahead.Take care."

Yours Kindly
Zara, Chennai


Dear Doc,

"Dr. Rajmohan is extremely friendly and answered all my queries honestly and managed my expectations really well. I underwent an abdominal lipo and gynaecomastia. Its been 10 days and I am doing absolutely fine. No pain at all. I was back to work on Day 5. You will have to get used to the compression garment, but other than that there's nothing to the procedure. I was partially awake during my procedure, amd Dr Rajmohan made me feel very comfortable. No pain even on Day 1. I was very happy with that as my pain threshold is very low. Within 10 days, there is a visible difference in the way I look. I am super pleased with the results so far, and Dr Rajmohan informs me that I have still a long way to go to see the final result :)

Would recommend the procedure to anyone looking for a 2nd chance. His fees are reasonable too. And he has been very forthcoming and checking on me daily post-op. this is really important because you keep wanting to know you're doing fine."

Yours Kindly
Kumar, India


Dear Doc,


"Dr. Rajmohan has been like a blessing in my life. Before, due to my chest problem I was low on confidence, never used to socialise, never could wear the kind of attire I always wanted to wear. I was restricted to wearing only dark colours to avoid people to make a note of it. It was a very horrible phase of my life. After letting know of this problem to my family doctor, he recommended me to Dr. Rajmohan I went on to meet him and was satisfied and completely sure that I was in right hands. Meeting and getting my surgery done from Dr. Rajmohan is the best decision of my life by far and will remain the same too for a long time. Now after the surgery I feel like a totally new man with confidence as high as it should be. Anyone having any cosmetic related problems you don't have to think even once. Dr. Rajmohan is your man. Go for him without second thoughts. Thank you doctor for making my life as it always should have been. Thanks. I appreciate it!"

Yours Kindly
Ankkitt, India


Dear doc,


"Its been about 18 days since I got it done. From the start until follow-ups post-op, I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. Dr Rajmohan was recommended to us by another doctor, so didn't consult anyone else. I would highly recommend Dr Rajmohan. He really makes you feel comfortable & as of now I'm happy with my results too."

Yours Kindly
Ishan, India


Dear doc,


"I went to Dr Rajmohan after going through your site on Liposuction on the internet. I was hesitant before meeting Dr Rajmohan, but was just surprised by meeting him as he was different in his approach, professional and very clear about what procedure was suitable for me and managed everything with confidence. I was a bit scared for the procedure, but after meeting him and his friendly suggestions before the procedure and about the procedure, I am very much satisfied with the post operative effects as he is very much a good and skilled surgeon, but more than that, the regular post operative follow up showed that he cares for his patients deeply. His follow ups are so amazing and he is always freely available for any of your queries. I would highly recommend Dr Rajmohan for my whole experience was fantastic. His fees are very reasonable and for the overall experience, definitely worth the amount I paid. Its been a month since the liposuction, however, I am back to work and my exercise routine, making me feel absolutely normal, with all thanks to Dr Rajmohan."

Yours Kindly
Sanjay, India


Dear doc,

"Dr Rajmohan has done a fantastic job!"

"I went to Dr Rajmohan after doing a lot of research on Liposuction on the internet. I was a bit skeptical before meeting Dr Rajmohan as I had already consulted 3 established plastic surgeons in Chennai as a part of my research. To my surprise, meeting Dr Rajmohan was different for what struck me immediately about him was his integrity, honesty, professionalism and confidence.

He was very clear about what procedure was suitable for me and managed my expectations very well in advance, with the result , I was well prepared not only for the procedure but more importantly, the result , which I am very satisfied with. He is undoubtedly a skilled surgeon, but more than that, the pain management and the regularity of his post operative follow up showed that he cares for his patients deeply. His follow ups are so amazing that it contributes to the patients feeling better far more quickly than expected.

He is easy to talk to, which takes away a lot of pressure from the patients which I think is necessary, when you decide to go through any surgery. I highly recommend Dr Rajmohan for my whole experience was fantastic.His fees are very reasonable and for the overall experience, definitely worth the amount you pay. Its been a month and a half since the liposuction, however, I am back to work and my exercise routine, albeit low intensity, making me feel absolutely normal. The compliments I am receiving from friends and colleagues and the enhancement in my level of confidence in the way I look and feel is a proof of the fact that Dr Rajmohan has done a fantastic job!"

Yours Kindly
Viraj, India


Dear all,

"Breast lift, tummy tuck and facelift"

"I visited Dr Rajmohan In Chennai with my husband and we were thrilled with the service he offered us. I got a breast lift and tummy tuck while my husband got a face lift done.

Dr Rajmohan is very professional and at the same time honest and kind hearted.

He refused to do a few procedures we wanted and though we were disappointed in the beginning we realised he was absolutely right. He could have easily done the extra procedure if he wanted.

The hospital experience was fantastic.

He also visited us many times after the procedure to see if we were comfortable. He was contactable at all times. We really loved the service and recommend him highly. I wish we had a few doctors back home like him."

Yours Kindly
Nandhini, Namakkal


Dear doc,

"Tummy Tuck & Chest surgery"

"Dr Rajmohan is one of the professional on his job, I am very happy with the results and his personal care during and post operation, he knows what patient wants and he does a tailor made job...

Many thanks to him once again that he gave me the results what I want."

Yours Kindly
Jimmy, India


Dear doc,


"I had Gynecomastia on September 25, 2014. My operating surgeon was Dr. Rajmohan. I want to be honest in saying that I consulted with other Doctors as well before and after meeting him. But Dr. Rajmohan has an honesty I found very appealing, and I'm a very "google" person, so most reviews I've read pre and post my surgery were somehow daunting, but I never experienced any of those with mine.

This is just my personal opinion but I find Dr. Rajmohan, very modern, solid, a superb doctor, but the thing I like most now about him , is his interest in my well being , post operative ....its been so smooth and non interfering in my day to day living.

My surgical procedure was totally different from anything I've ever read online, surprisingly refreshing, and with an insight to my future well-being post surgery....

also why I find his honesty appealing, is because he believes that surgery that feels unnecessary must not be he is a very safe doctor to be know you wont be taken for a ride....."

Yours Kindly
Pavankumar, India



"Excellent work"

"Excellent work by Dr. Rajmohan. He has great bed side manners. Great followup and great communication. Super friendly and I am satisfied with his work on my enhancements. I will recommend anyone for his excellent work."

Yours Kindly
George, India


Dear Doc,

"Excellent results!!"

"Dr. Rajmohan performed my lipo-suction and ab-sculpting. Excellent results!! Got to go home the same day and post-operative discomfort was almost non-existent. But the icing on the cake was Dr. Rajmohan's regular follow-ups and personal attention, something which is lacking among some doctors nowadays."

Yours Kindly
Aditya, TN


Dear doc,

"I am very pleased"

"I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Rajmohan is a superb surgeon and extremely helpful with everything. Even his post-op care is a delight -- he follows up personally after every procedure! I would highly recommend Dr. Rajmohan!"

Yours Kindly
Dharmil, India


Dear Doc,


"Abdominoplasty" "I went in for a mini partial abdominoplasty at Enhance. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. The pre-op to post-op care was excellent. Dr. Rajmohan answered all my questions and cleared all my doubts and apprehensions with a lot of patience. The pain management post-op was handled so well by Dr. Rajmohan that I sailed effortlessly thorough recovery. I highly recommend Enhance. I have a flat abdomen again and all the credit goes to Dr. Rajmohan at Enhance. Thank you."

Treatment Received : Tummy Tuck

Yours Kindly
Prachi, India


Dear Doc,

"Breast Reduction"

"Excellent Surgeon, very professional price as quoted the follow up was excellent. I would definitely recommend him."

Treatment Received : Breast Reduction

Yours Kindly
Gayatri, India

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